Hormone Therapy

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON HORMONE THERAPY, there are additional risks and side effects you may experience (e.g., cardiovascular side effects). The two brochures below include the most up to date clinical recommendations for the management of hormone therapy side effects.

These are handouts which you can take to your Family Doctor (or Nurse Practitioner = NP) and present to them. If you have been on or about to start hormone treatments (injections and/or pills) for your prostate cancer we would like you to take the enclosed pamphlets to your Family Doctor / NP.  These handouts were developed by Canadian prostate cancer experts to instruct your Family Doctor / NP about what to do to monitor and treat the common side effects of hormone therapy.

Here is what you can say to your Family Doctor / NP to explain it to them:  “I’m on/starting hormone therapy for prostate cancer. I understand there are side effects from the treatment like problems with blood sugars, cholesterol, bone density, and risk of heart disease among others. These pamphlets were developed by Canadian prostate cancer experts and cardiologists for Family Doctors. Can you please have a look at them to make sure you’re screening for and managing these problems.  I will do my best to help by exercising, (+/- losing weight), eating better, …   I really appreciate your care!

The Family Doctors / NPs know how to manage all of these conditions but it’s a good reminder for them to cover all the issues, and to have a conversation with you about what you can do to improve your health in the long term. 

1. BROCHURE 1: Prostate cancer hormone therapy and heart health
2. BROSHURE 2:  Optimizing Screening and management of Cardiovascular health in prostate cancer

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