PC-PEP is a free 6-month home-based comprehensive health-promotion program for men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Eligible men must participate in a research trial measuring their quality of life online at baseline, 6, 12 and 24 months to have access.

The elements of the program include daily emails and videos which teach and encourage men to:

•       Exercise – daily aerobic, strength training by video twice per week

•       Pelvic floor exercises – 3 times 10min per day (videos, text reminders)

•       Relaxation technique using biofeedback – 10min per day

•       Healthy dietary advice and relationship teaching via daily video

•       Optional social support 

•       Call two co-participants once a week

•       Monthly videoconference with all men on program

To learn more view a 10-minute video (link) and check out this website

Mentors / Prostate Cancer Support Groups are essential to PCPEP! 

Mentors can

1.    Refer eligible men to so they can join the program

2.    Share their story / photo / email / phone number so men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer can reach out to them for support

Mentors do not offer medical advice but listen and share their own experiences. The Canadian Cancer Society offers a Peer Support Program which includes peer support training for the volunteer cancer survivors. 

How to become a Mentor?

We require potential PCPEP Mentors to enroll and complete the full six months of the PCPEP program including calling two co-participants once per week, and joining the monthly videoconferences. Once you’ve done the program contact our Research Coordinator to let us know you’d like to join our team as a Mentor. We plan to ‘meet’ with our mentors by zoom videoconference every three months.

Creating a Web Page of PCPEP Mentors from your Region

Our hope is to create a community of Mentors in every region of Canada (and abroad) linked to the prostate cancer support groups. Each support group can create a webpage (with the help of our research coordinator) displaying the story of each Mentor along with their contact information, or we can create and maintain a page on this website for them. When men are referred to PCPEP we will direct them to the Mentors page in their region.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or if your prostate cancer support group would like to join the PCPEP team, please contact our research coordinator.

Please contact us / research coordinator here or call 902-237-6277 or fill out the contact form.

Address: Soillse Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Research Lab Room 202, 5 Victoria, VG Site

1276 South Park Street Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9

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