Other Research Opportunities (CancerPEP, BreastPEP, and more)

Cancer – Patient Empowerment trial is now open. Please go to Cancerpep.org to find out more.

Prostate Cancer – Patient Empowerment Program (PC-PEP) – To enrol in the study visit our Home page (www.pcpep.org) and provide your contact information on the recruitment box at the bottom of the page. Our Project Coordinator will contact you to get you enrolled.

If you are enrolled in the PC-PEP program, click here to access the program (accessible only to patients enrolled in the program).

For patients who have completed PC-PEP program or are not currently enrolled in PC-PEP, we hope you consider taking our ongoing Prostate Cancer Quality of Life survey accessible through the link below (on the right) or by going to nscancer.ca. reast Cancer Patients – we hope you consider our Phase 1 survey below. These studies aim at assessing the quality of life of prostate cancer and breast cancer patients and survivors at any point during the survivorship journey after diagnosis. The study consists in an online survey that is administered every 6 months for the first two years and then once a year afterwards. Eligibility criteria includes: having had a history of prostate cancer/ breast cancer diagnosis, can read and understands English,  reside in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI, Canada. This study also includes a survey that is available also for the partners of those with a history of prostate cancer/breast cancer diagnosis. The survey is accessible at the same link provided above. Eligibility for partners includes having a partner who has a history of prostate cancer/ breast cancer diagnosis, can read and understands English,  and reside in either Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI, Canada.

What patients have to say about the survey

Patient Testimony for the Quality of Life Survey
Message from clinicians and medical professionals about the survey

For questions or further information about these studies please contact the study’s Research Project Coordinator, Mr. Cody MacDonald at: cody.macdonald@nshealth.ca or the Principal Investigator, Dr. Gabriela Ilie at: Gabriela.Ilie@nshealth.ca

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