Bradley, Cassidy, Gabriela Ilie, Cody MacDonald, Lia Massoeurs, Jasmine Dang Cam-Tu Vo, and Robert D.H. Rutledge 2021. “Treatment Regret, Mental and Physical Health Indicators of Psychosocial Well-Being among Prostate Cancer Survivors” Current Oncology 28, no. 5: 3900-3917. (Download here)

Massoeurs, Lia, Gabriela Ilie, Tarek Lawen, Cody MacDonald, Cassidy Bradley, Jasmine D.C.-T. Vo, and Robert D.H. Rutledge 2021. “Psychosocial and Functional Predictors of Mental Disorder among Prostate Cancer Survivors: Informing Survivorship Care Programs with Evidence-Based Knowledge” Current Oncology 28, no. 5: 3918-3931. (Download here)

Gillis C, Ilie G*, Mason R, Bailly G, Lawen J, Bowes D, Patil N, Wilke D, Rutledge RDH, Bell D, Rendon R. Personality Traits and Urinary Symptoms Are Associated with Mental Health Distress in Patients with a Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. Current Oncology. 2021; 28(4):2993-3002. (Download here)

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